Planning for our Centennial 2013
Centennial will be July 5th and 6th 2013
Centennial Souvenirs are available at Ceroll Grocery.

Centennial Souvenirs are now available.
Schedule of Events/Attractions
5K Run Registration


The Centennial Chairperson    
Centennial Secretary Sara Broz 637-5441
Centennial Treasurer Cindy Ercink 637-5480

Specific sub-committees and the chairpersons are:

Sub-Committee Chairperson:
History book Susanne Navratil
Phone: Email:
637-5447 sailor@tnics.com
Your family information is needed!!  
Your civic group/organization/business information is needed!!


Sub-Committee Chairperson:
Cookbook Liz McDaniel
Phone: Email:
637-5454 mcdaniel@tnics.com 
Cookbooks are on sale now for $10.00, if you'd like it shipped $5 s/h. 150 pages over 500 recipes


Sub-Committee Chairperson:
Fundraising Cindy Ercink
Phone: Email:
637-5480 ercinks5@tnics.com


Sub-Committee Chairperson:
Music/Entertainment/Parades Carol Gutzmer
Phone: Email:


Sub-Committee Chairperson:
Floaters (to help as needed, where needed)

Elaine Broz

Phone: Email:


Sub-Committee Chairperson:
Food Brenda Ceroll
Phone: Email:
637-5281 cgrocery@tnics.com


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